Cross Country Summer Session 2018

Dates: July 10 - August 18

Cost: FREE as long as you commit and pay for the racing season. 

Training Purpose: to develop aerobic endurance, strength, and grit

Practice Days, Times, and Locations:

  • Tuesdays 6pm - - - Turtle Rock Community Park, Irvine
  • Thursday 6pm - - - Quail Hill Community Center, Irvine
  • Saturday 8:30am -  a variety of locations in and around Irvine

Team Outings Throughout the Summer:

  • BBQs, Picnics, Beach Parties
  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • Night Hikes
  • Movies


  1. Time Trail: must be able to complete the 1.64 mile Quail Hill Trail Loop within 16 minutes (9:56 mile)
  2. Age: 7 - 14 years old (we may take younger runners if they can meet the time trial standard)
  3. Motivation: Your child needs to be motivated and willing to run long distance through the hills, with heat, wind, cold, or any other opportunity nature gives them. (3 - 7 miles depending on age and ability) 
  4. Commitment: must strive to attend as many practices as possible and is looking forward with eagerness to the up-coming racing season