Better to go Barefoot

Aside from school, church, and other public places, we should be running around in our barefeet. 

At parks, at the beach, and especially in and around our homes, we need to have exclusive time to redevelop and then maintain proper foot health. By going barefoot (sandals do not count), we improve a number of aspects about our physiology.

  1. Improves Running Form by Forcing our Natural Foot Striking Gait
  2. Strengthens Foot Muscles which Stabilizes the Other Lower Leg Muscles
  3. Prevents Common Running Injuries like Plantar Faciaitis
  4. Improves Body Posture

We trained ourselves out of our natural form and function. By slowly reintroducing barefoot movement, we will see the gains come back. After some initial aches, pains, and possible cuts (due to our nerve endings being dorment for years), the above benefits will begin to appear. 

Watch kids run around without shoes. Their footstrike form is perfect. They don't seem to have issues sprinting down the paved street with all its debris and cracks. Our millions of foot nerves sense the slightest danger and unconciously adjust mid strike to prevent catastrophe.   

I encourage you to retry barefoot walking. Give your shoes a rest and your feet a gift.